Do you volunteer at OLMC ?

The new Working with Children Checks scheme commenced on 15 June 2013.

WWCC is only one safeguarding strategy that we use to protect children, however it is a significant first step for any role that may come into contact with children.

The Safeguarding & Ministerial Integrity Office, in conjunction with the Parish has identified the following require a Working With Children Check:

If you currently volunteer at our parish in any of the areas listed below you need to have a WWCC (Working with Children Check) details & have signed a Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Code of Conduct form.

• Parish Priests, Assistant Priests, Parish Administrators
• Parish Secretaries
• Youth Ministers, Workers or Leaders
• Pastoral Associates
• Sacramental Coordinators
• Sacramental Group Leaders
• Catechists in State Schools
• Children’s Liturgy Coordinators
• Children’s Choir Ministry Leaders
• Acolytes and Senior Altar Servers
• Ministers of the Altar
• Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
• Ministers of the Word
• Parish Counters/Collectors
• Ministers to the Homebound
. Piety Stand (added locally)

How to Apply for a WWCC.

You can either apply online, or if you don’t have a computer, you can call the Office of the Children’s Guardian Customer Service line on 02 9286 7219,
call the Parish Secretary to arrange a time for assistance in applying online.

To apply online for a WWCC go to

Once you receive your Application number you will need to visit your local “Service NSW’ office to complete the process and be issued with a WWCC number.
This number and your ‘Date of Birth’ need to be given to the parish office for verification.