The Role of the Parish Pastoral Council

The role of the Parish Pastoral Council is to provide the opportunity whereby the laity, religious and clergy meet to share the responsibility of acting towards the needs of the whole parish. These actions are in regards to discerning the real needs of the parish, coordinating parish activities, fostering a sense of community in the parish and increasing the involvement of the whole parish in the work of the church. The council is pastoral in nature and is to be aware of and respond to the needs of the parish and those it serves.

Our Council consists of:
Six ex-officio members (being the clergy and those who by virtue of their office are engaged in the pastoral care in the parish and are directly appointed by the Parish Priest) the Parish Priest, Assistant Priests, Pastoral Associate, School Principal, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Council also has six elected members. 

The Term of Office is for 2 years. To facilitate continuity, members can choose to be nominated for election for a second term. Anyone who has served consecutive terms will then stand down for at least one term.

Parishioners’ are asked to recommend or nominate Parish Members for possible election every 2 years. 

The Parish Council meet every month or two months as required.

OLMC Parish Council 2018 to 2020

Elected Members

Dennis Muir – President
Mimma Pavone
Sam Penna
Angie Cagliuso
Chris Moore
Erin Desetine

Ex-Officio Members

Fr Anthony Fregolent, CS  – Parish Priest
Warren Loy                     – OLMC School Principal
John Cagliuso                  – Finance Committee Representative
Dang Ly – Vietnamese Community of Mt Pritchard Liaison Officer