Italian Catholic Federation – FCI

A group of Italian parishioners that meet regularly and share their culture, heritage and religious beliefs. They believe that together they accomplish more than one can alone. They are active in various cultural events throughout the country, support our local parishes, and provide various charities with financial and other support.

Italian Senior Citizens

A group of older Italian parishioners that meet each Thursday from 9:00 am to 12 noon, to share their culture, their experiences and to engage in friendly activities such as bingo and card games.

Italian Choir

A group of Italian singers and musicians that leads the congregation in singing at the weekly Italian mass and any other Italian religious event held in the church.

OLMC Festa Committee

A group of Italians that are responsible for planning and conducting our yearly “Our Lady of Mt Carmel Festa” held in October.

St. Padre Pio Committee

A group of parishioners that meet one night every three months in the church at approximately 7pm in prayer in honour of Saint Padre Pio.

Crucifisso Di Terranova

A group of volunteers that were instrumental in bringing the Cross of Terranova to the parish and who plan and conduct a yearly feast to celebrate the event.