New COVID-19 compliance measures for places of worship.

The Measures below will come into force at 12:01am Friday 24 July 2020.

Important Notice To All Parishioners

NSW Health advised Fr Anthony on Thursday evening that a parishioner who attended the 7.30am Mass on Sunday 19th July has tested positive for corona virus.

NSW Health considers the person to be “low risk” and would advise all parishioners who attended that Mass to watch for any symptoms and if you feel unwell, go and get tested immediately and isolate until results are received.

The person who tested positive advised NSW Health that they left Mass when it finished and did not interact with any other parishioners.

A list of names and telephone numbers of people who attended the Church and Chapel during the 7.30am Mass has been supplied to the Health Department.

Parishioners are further advised that once Father was advised of the situation, a deep clean of the Church was ordered and this was carried out on Friday 24th July.

Due to the continuing increase in numbers of the current outbreak of Covid-19 in New South Wales and particularly in our local area, new restrictions have been imposed on Church attendances and celebrations by the Government.

As from Friday 24th July, Church attendance numbers are restricted as follows:

Church attendances at Masses, funerals, baptisms and weddings :

Maximum 100 people providing there is a 4 square metre space around each person.
To stay safe and keep our Church a virus free zone, we all need to follow some simple, common sense rules :

 NO Communal singing or chanting in the Church.
 NO touching the collection plate. A collector will bring the collection plate around.
 NO shaking of hands during Mass.
 NO Communion on the tongue, only onto the hand.
 DO NOT replace the bulletin once you have picked it up. Take it home with you.
 DO wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
 DO use the hand sanitiser when you enter the Church or Chapel.
 DO stay home if you have a temperature, cough, sore throat or runny nose.

Please Note: Any visit to the Church or Chapel MUST be recorded. Please fill in the book, which is at the doors of the Church and Chapel, with your name and phone number then use the hand sanitiser before sitting down.

COVIDSafe app

The COVIDSafe app is a tool that helps identify people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps us support and protect you, your friends and family.

For further information please go to: and click on COVID Safe App