Church Location

230 Humphries Road,
Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

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Parish Priest: Rev Anthony Fregolent CS
Assistant Priest: Rev John Mello CS
, Rev Syrilus Madin
Tel: (02) 9610 1025        Fax: (02) 9610 0555       Email:
Mass Times
Saturday Vigil: 5.00 pm
Sunday: 7.30 am
9.00 am Italian
10.30 am
4.00 pm Vietnamese
5.30 pm
Monday: 8.00 am
Tuesday: 9.15 am
Wednesday: 9.15 am
Thursday: 9.15 am
Friday: 8.00 am Italian
Saturday: 8.00 am
Saturday from 4.30 to 5.00 pm
Easter Mass Times 2018
Palm Sunday, 25th March: Saturday Vigil 5:00pm
Sunday 7:30am English, 9:00am Italian, 10:30am English, 3:30pm Vietnamese, 5:30pm English
7:30am English; 9:00am Italian; 10:30am English; 3:30pm Vietnamese & 5:30pm English
Monday, 26th March: 8:00am English
Tuesday, 27th March: 9:15am English
Wednesday, 28th March: 9:15am English
Holy Thursday, 29th March: 10:30am - Chrism Mass at St Marys Cathedral
5:30pm - Mass of The Lord's Supper - in Vietnamese
7:30pm - Concelebrated Mass of The Lord's Supper [English & Italian]
9:00pm - Adoration in Italian
10:00pm - Adoration in Vietnamese
Church open until midn
Good Friday, 30th March: 11:00am - Stations of The Cross in English
1:00pm - Stations of The Cross in Vietnamese
3:00pm - Solemn Liturgy of The Lord's Passion in English
5:00pm - Solemn Liturgy of The Lord's Passion in Vietnamese
7:30pm - Solemn Liturgy of The Lord's Passion
Good Friday, 30th March - Stations of the Cross: See Good Friday
Good Friday, 30th March - Commemoration of the Passion: See Good Friday
Easter Vigil, 31st March: 7:00pm - Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday, 1st April: 7.30am English, 9.00am Italian, 10.30am English, 4.00pm Vietnamese
Please note there is NO 5:30pm Mass on this day
Reconciliation: Tuesday 20th March - 7pm to 8pm in Vietnamese
Wednesday 28th March - 7pm 2nd Rite
Holy Thursday 29th March - 3pm to 5pm, Individual in English
Good Friday 30th March - 9:30am to 10:30am, Individual in English
Holy Saturday 31st March - 4pm to 6pm, Individual in English